Regular Meetings

All SA meetings in the Southern California area are "closed meetings." That is, they are open only to those who want to stop their own personal sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior. Keeping meetings closed (open to Sexaholics only) helps protect members so they can feel free to focus on recovery in a safe environment.

We ask that prospective members attend an information meeting prior to attending a regular or phone meeting. Information meetings are where the Sexaholics Anonymous program is explained in detail and the prospective member can decide if SA is the appropriate program for him or her. Some Information Meetings can be found on the first page of the Regular Meeting Directory below and all Information Meetings are also listed in the Regular Meetings section of the directory. The meetings that are able to accept newcomers are Regular Meetings with an IM (Information Meeting) designation listed in the directory.

Non-Sexaholics interested in observing an SA meeting are advised instead to attend an "open meeting" of another 12-Step fellowship, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which has both open and closed meetings.

Regular Meeting Directory (Download for Printing)

This Regular Meeting Directory is made available for the convenience of our local members, and members visiting from out-of-town.
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Phone Meetings

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